Sipharmony Call Queues

Call Queue Features


Primary Agents

List of agents that are assigned to the call queue.

Extensions That Cad Add themselves

Extensions can dial a star code that will add or remove them from a call queue

Behavior Features

  1. Number of logged in agents required to allow log out
  2. Agent recovery time in seconds
    1. The amount of time before the agents extension will ring
  3. Duration for flagging missed calls
  4. Show missed call on phones what a caller hangs up
  5. Allow additional calls on agent - even if in a call
  6. Allow agents to divert incoming calls
  7. Allow multiple calls to ring agents in parallel
  8. Agent selection Algorithms
    1. Random
    2. Longest idle first
  9. Redirection for suspected SPAM calls
  10. Ring melody for agents
  11. Maximum number of calls
  12. Custom caller-ID to show to agents
  13. Auto add caller to address book
  14. Automatically add CMC
  15. Paging for incoming calls
  16. Log out agents at midnight
Note: Call Queues can not dial all extensions/agents at once like a Ring Group can.


Monitoring features:
  1. Send instant message to extensions
  2. Send daily CDR report email addresses
  3. CRM account
  4. Record incoming calls to call queue
  5. Action URLS for connecting (Custom development accounts)
  6. Enable call pickup via BLF


You can redirect callers under certain Service Flags

Caller Setup


  1. Ringback tones
  2. Music on hold
  3. Background music
  4. Gap between announcements
  5. Queue position announcement
  6. Minimum number of callers for Queue Position announcement
  7. Announce automatic recording
  8. Announce estimated wait time

Upload Messages

You can have up to 10 messages for a Call Queue.

Callback Options

You can offer your caller a Call Back option. Where the caller is offered the option for the system to call them back, without them losing their place in the queue.
  1. Offer call back key
    1. Default is pound key #
  2. Announcement durations
  3. Custom dialplan for outbound calls

Post-Call Survey

You can offer callers a Post-Call survey after they are done with the call.
  1. Survey Method
    1. Ask for 1-5 star rating
    2. Redirect to survey number
  2. Ratings that trigger a redirection to a manager
  3. Redirect number

Caller Options

If you have a recording for this call queue, and there are additional options, we can set them as caller options. Caller Options are the same thing as IVR Options.

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