How to setup auto pay with my business account

How to setup auto pay with my business account

As a Sipharmony business customer, you can make sure your payments are never late by enrolling in Auto Pay at no additional charge.

Note: In order to avoid late fees, make sure your existing balance is paid before you enroll in Auto Pay.

How to setup Auto Pay

Each month you will receive an invoice for your account. In this email contains a payment button/link that says Pay Now
Simply click on that link/button and you will be taken to the Sipharmony payments portal.

Fill out your card information and before you click Make Payment, make sure the check box "Use this card for future transactions".

Receiving Payments Auto-charge

If you do not check the Use this card for future transactions box, Auto-charge feature will not be enabled. You will be asked to enter your details again for the next invoice generated from the recurring profile.