Internet Service(s)

Internet Service(s)

SIPHarmony requires a stable, high-speed internet connection for most components to function properly.

Minimum Requirements

Audio Call: 64kbps bi-directional (audio-in/audio-out) per call.
Video Call: 1mbps bi-directional (video-in/video-out) per call.

Note: most currently available services are compatible


Disable SIP ALG
Disable H.225

Note: this may require a call to your internet service provider (ISP) to disable.

Recommended Service(s)


T1 (bonded or dedicated)
Radio (microwave)

Not RecommendedT1 (shared), DSL, Satellite, or Dial-Up

Calls that do not require 3rd party internet service(s)

Call Forwarding/Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) - forward to mobile/cell and/or analog telephone lines.
Fail-Over - fail-over routing to mobile/cell and/or analog telephone lines.