Ring Groups

Ring Groups

A ring group is a set of extension numbers that are embedded inside a single virtual extension. Incoming calls are rotated through the pool of extensions until someone answers and the caller is connected. (Cell phones can also be configured to be included in calls made to a hunt group.)


Ring groups have 3 stages and then one Final stage of ringing
Each stage can be configured with what extensions are being rang.

  1. Sales Ring Group
    1. Stage 1: Extensions 101,102,103,104
    2. Stage 2: Extensions 202, 203
    3. Final Stage: IVR 1
The Final Stage can be an extension, IVR, call queue, or a general mail box


  1. Ring Melody
  2. Paging
  3. Send daily CDR reports
  4. Send email about missed calls
  5. Music on hold
  6. Custom ringback
  7. Record incoming calls
  8. Allow agent to connect via ActionURL
  9. Enable pickup from BLF
  10. CRM account number


You can use Service Flags for redirection.
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