Call Center Codes

Call Center Codes

Call monitoring features must be used with caution. Please consult corporate and government regulations to determine whether these features are permitted in your environment. Illegal listening to phone calls is a severe crime, and system administrators must be aware of this.

Agent Login - *64

Log into your assigned queue

Agent Logout - *65

Logout of your assigned queue

Call Barge In - *81

Barge into an active call between an agent and a caller

I want to Call Barge on extension 201. I would dial *81201

Teach Mode - *82

Communicate with your agent without the caller hearing you.

I want to use Teach Mode on extension 201. I would dial *82201

Listen In - *83

Listen in on a call between an agent and a caller.

I want to Listen In on extension 201. I would dial *83201

Queue Outbound Calling - *55

Queue up a number to call after your initial call is complete.

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