Extension Features

Extension Features



All extensions have the ability to SMS and MMS. SMS and MMS are features included in all sipharmony plans!
Group chat is not yet supported. But it is in active development.
You can also chat with your co-workers from within the apps as well. It's like Teams, but less cluttering features.
Video calls and video conferencing is in active development too!

CDR (Call Detail Reports)

Extensions can have their CDR automatically emailed to any email address


All extensions have the ability to send a fax. This can be done from the desktop app or the web app.

FAX Only Extension

An extension can bet set to only send and receive faxes.

Extension Profile Settings

Extensions can have the following profile settings
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Position
  4. Department
  5. Building
  6. Timezones
  7. Default IVR Language
  8. Default Web App Language
  9. Profile Picture
  10. Shared Address Book
  11. Private Address Book
  12. LDAP Address Book Syncing.
  13. Custom Music On Hold 
  14. Custom Ring Back Music
  15. Wake-up time (Hospitality) 
  16. Block outgoing caller-ID
  17. Explicitly specify park orbit preference


Redirection Features

  1. Do Not Disturb (DND)
  2. Durations for DND
  3. Handle Suspected Spam Calls
    1. No special treatment
    2. Reject Call
    3. Send to mailbox
    4. Pretend to be busy
    5. Ask for name
    6. Ask for name even if caller-id is valid
  4. Hot Desking

Call Forward

  1. Forward all calls to:
  2. Forward all calls to when busy:
  3. Forward all calls on no answer:
  4. Forward all calls when not registered
    1. This is a fail safe. If your extension is not registered to any device (desk phone, app, web app), it will forward calls to where every you want.

Personal Cell Phone Features

Cell phone features only apply to extensions that associate their extension with their cell phone number.
  1. Give out cell phone during voicemail
  2. Calling your main line from your cell phone, you will be greeted by the personal assistant.
    1. You can check your voicemail
    2. You can place an outgoing phone call from the system (trunk)
    3. Change various account settings
  3. Auto initiate call back after hangup
  4. When calling the extension directly
  5. When calling the extension in a ring group
  6. When calling the extension in a call queue
  7. Include cell phone for web callback
  8. Send text messages to cell phone
  9. Specify certain times the system can call your cell phone


Recording options for an extension:
  1. Record incoming calls to extension
  2. Record outgoing calls to internal numbers
  3. Record outgoing calls to external numbers
  4. Record outgoing calls to emergency numbers


Mailbox features:
  1. Time until mailbox picks up
  2. Automatic deletion of messages
  3. Announcement mode
    1. System greeting
    2. Personal greeting
  4. Call cell phone when new message arrives
  5. Call supervisor when message was not retrieved
  6. Copy new messages into other mailboxes
  7. Make messages available on other mailboxes
  8. Voicemail to text API
  9. Switch to T.38 (Faxing)
  10. Send email to the following email addresses if the wakeup call is not answered (Hospitality)

Setting Your Personal Greeting

You can change your personal greeting by dialing a star code followed by the greeting number.

Default Greeting*98*0
Greeting 1
Greeting 2
Greeting 3
Greeting 4


Email features:
  1. Send voicemail to email - with the WAV file attached
  2. Send email on missed calls
  3. Send email at the end of every call
  4. Send email when the mailbox is full
  5. Send email if the call was rejected because of a blacklist number
  6. Send recorded call to an email address
  7. XMPP Address

Webhooks & Action URLS

We can configure webhooks how ever you would like. We can use POST or GET and we can set the data to JSON or XML.

The following webhooks are enabled for all extensions:
  1. When a wake-up call was programmed
  2. When wake-up call was successfully delivered
  3. When a wake-up call is missed
  4. When turning DND on
  5. When turning DND off
  6. When hotel room is cleaned
  7. When someone is calling an emergency number
  8. When a new call comes in
  9. When a call connects to an agent
  10. When a trunk call was made (inbound or outbound)
  11. When a new mailbox message is available
We offer help with webhooks as well.

The recommended method with consuming webhooks are
  1. Node.js server
  2. Express for node

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