You can activate "Send Voicemails as Emails", using the star code *95

You can deactivate Voicemail, using the star code *96

You can go to Voicemail, using the star code *97

You can record a new greeting, using the star code *98. To delete a recording, you can press * after the call was connected, or press 1 to discard the current recording and record it again. For the recording, there are multiple ways to start a recording:

  • *98: This starts to record the standard announcement for the mailbox.
  • 98 n : This starts to record a specific announcement for the mailbox. If n is 0, then the name will be recorded; if it is between 1 and 5, it will record the personal greetings 1 to 5. The number 9 will record a mailbox message, similar to a note pad.
  • *98 m : This starts to record the standard announcement for an account, which must be an auto attendant, a IVR node, a ACD or a paging account.
  • *98 m * n : When used with an auto attendant, where m is the account number and n is the index into the announcement which you want to record. The same is possible for the ACD, where the index n can be between 0 (the initial greeting) and 9.

You can clear the voice message indicator, using the star code *99

You can also listen to automatic recordings using *56 or turn on/off recording using *93/*94 star codes from the telephone keypad.

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